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Mr. Lovett,
I am sorry for my impatience, you did a great job and I am very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you and you and your staff for all the hard work put into the case.
Donna T-M

Mr. Lovett served us very well as our attorney for two separate car accidents. He is extremely professional as are his staff. You feel the quality, knowledge, and experience in all they do. The office is lovely and Mr. Lovett sits down with you to understand your case and gives you the help you need. Robert does not mince words in that he is very honest with you, and you know he has your back. Needless to say, we won both cases. You do get the sense he has a commitment to the good fight and a through the quality of his work and his law firm.

Thank you Mr.Lovett

Mr. Lovett,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what has been happening since we last spoke. Upon returning to Albuquerque, I signed up for my first 5k in July. I figured if your friend Jimmy (that is probably not his name, but you know who I am talking about) can go from not running to running a 5k, so can I. Let’s be honest, I am in better shape than him. Also, I figured why to stop there. A friend of mine and I signed up to run the Nike Women’s Marathon in October through Team In Training. I figured, why not run a marathon while raising money for a good cause.

On another note, the whole law school thing. Truth be told, prior to our first meeting, I knew that I should have gone to law school and I would not enjoy therapy long term. However, I am not a quitter, and not finishing grad school would have been lame…so I thought. Anyhow, I have started to study for the LSAT so I can apply to law school.

You’re really good at giving advice; a real straight shooter. I like that. You remind me a lot of my Father, who gave the BEST advice around. I miss that most about him. Feel free to keep the words of wisdom coming.

Thanks, Mr. Lovett for your help with my case. I really appreciate it. … You did a great job for me and helped to make a difficult situation much better and easier on me.

Best of luck to you,

P.S. I made a little psa/video about my accident. Thought I would pass it on.


I would very much like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service and dedication you have to your clients. This settlement was a very nice surprise, and if it had not been for the dedication of your firm it would not have been possible. Again, thank you all very much.

Mark C.