Know The Truth About Attorneys

A lot of our clients are surprised how working with an attorney was nothing like they expected. We are proud to break the myths and misconceptions many people have about the legal profession.

At the Lovett Law Firm, we know how hard it can be to find a lawyer you trust. Many people aren’t even sure why they need an attorney.

They just know that someone said they need to hire a lawyer when someone else’s mistake caused injury or wrongful death. Other people understand the need for representation but expect the worst from hiring a lawyer.

We want you to understand the misconceptions about working with a lawyer. We want you to understand how we can help.

Misconceptions About Hiring An Attorney

Find Out How We Can Help You

Insurance companies often bank on people not exercising their rights to speak with an attorney. We have seen too many people find out too late that they had underestimated their need and their rights. Take advantage of our free initial consultation to sit down with our lawyer and discuss your case.

Even if you don’t need a lawyer, you can rest easier knowing that you were informed about your rights. Call us today at 915-757-9999 or 575-523-5555 or contact us online.