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Unfortunately, even otherwise minor accidents can leave you suffering personal injuries that have the potential to be severe. In these situations, our Otero County personal injury attorneys provide the experienced, the highly effective legal representation you need. At the Lovett Law Firm, we have dedicated ourselves to serving clients in our area for over 25 years. When you or someone you care about suffers injuries as the result of accidents, we are here to help you get the compensation you need to recover.

Personal Injury Accident Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), personal injuries are one of the leading causes of death and disabilities in the United States. More than 30 million people visit hospital emergency rooms each year as a result of these injuries, which end up proving fatal for more than 130,000 people each year. At the Lovett Law Firm, we aggressively represent the rights of personal injury victims, helping to ensure your best interests are protected and that you get what you are entitled to in a claim. Our Otero County personal injury attorneys represent those who have been injured as a result of the following:

Compensation for Personal Injuries

Even an otherwise minor car crash, slip, and fall, or another type of accident can result in serious personal injuries. These have the potential to prevent you from working or even enjoying hobbies and activities with your loved ones and friends while requiring ongoing and expensive treatments. At the Lovett Law Firm, we represent clients who have suffered the following:

While often referred to as ‘accidents’, these injuries are often the result of other people’s reckless and negligent actions. Our Otero County personal injury attorneys provide the highly skilled and trusted legal guidance you need in these situations, and can represent you in insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits filed through the New Mexico courts. Damages you may be entitled to claim in your case include current and future medical expenses, lost wages and future losses in earnings, and compensation for the pain, suffering, and mental anguish your family has endured.

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When personal injury accidents impact you or a loved one, one of your first steps should be to contact the Lovett Law Firm. We can arrange a free consultation with our Otero County personal injury attorneys who can advise you on how to get the compensation you deserve. Call or contact our office online today.